Stately Lion Needlepoint Kit

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    A princely lion with a stately stripe background to royally upgrade your desk or any wall in your home.

    • Accurately color-printed 18 mesh mono needlepoint canvas.
    • The design area measures 6" x 4" and the cut canvas is 9" x 7" (if you want to stitch with stretcher bars these are the sizes you will need).
    • Glossy Pepperpot Silks from Planet Earth are easy to stitch with and will ensure this jungle king is magnificent.
    • We've included a color stitch chart for those who like to follow charts. Otherwise, just follow the printed design on the canvas. You do you!
    • Instructions for the decorative background T-stitch.
    • A needle, general how-to-needlepoint instructions, a full-color picture of the stitched design, hours of relaxed stitching pleasure.

    Skill level: Beginner and up. The chart makes this easy, but if you're intimidated by the decorative T-stitch then you can always stitch the entire design in a Tent stitch.
    Stitching Time: Around 8-10 hours of downtime.

    Do you have everything you need? Click here to add stretcher bars or scissors to your order.

    We love this design framed.