DMC Needlepoint Embroidery Scissors

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DMC needlepoint embroidery scissors

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These needlepoint embroidery scissors are the perfect go-to, affordable accessory for your needlepoint projects. When you have a pair of these needlepoint scissors in each project bag, or room in the house, you know you are covered for every stitching situation.

  • 3.75" long
  • the small sewing scissors are lightweight (0.8oz) and perfectly balanced
  • the blade is 1" premium quality steel, with a nice point for lifting threads for snipping
  • perfect for needlepoint, embroidery, and other sewing crafts
  • made in Italy by craftspeople who know what they are doing when it comes to sharp hand-stitching scissors!

Hand sewing scissors that have a sharply pointed end are the best tools for cleanly cutting threads and unpicking stitches.