Klimatet Needlepoint Kit For Climate Change

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Klimatet needlepoint kit for climate change shown stitched in a white frame. Klimatet needlepoint canvas for climate change Klimatet needlepoint kit for climate change Poppy Monk needlepoint kits packaging

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A climate heroine encouraging us all to be staunch defenders of our planet.

  • A color-printed 18 mesh mono needlepoint canvas.
  • The design area measures 5" x 5" and the cut canvas is 8" x 8" (if you want to stitch with stretcher bars this is the size you will need).
  • Instructions for the luxurious Noboku background stitch, as shown in the model.
  • Pepperpot Silks from Planet Earth. These threads are so smooth and easy to stitch with, and they add just the right amount of shine.
  • Plenty of threads so you can stitch all in Tent stitch or use a variety of decorative stitches.
  • A needle, general how-to-needlepoint instructions, hours of relaxed stitching pleasure,  all packaged in a pizza-style box to give the cat something to play with.

Do you have everything you need? Click here to add stretcher bars or scissors to your order.

A stitched design would make a meaningful gift for other climate warriors.

Check out the blog post with the Noboku stitch we used on the background of this needlepoint design, and find two other great needlepoint background stitches...