Poppy Monk's Picks: Trending Needlepoint Designs for 2024.

Poppy Monk is at the forefront of curating the most sought-after needlepoint trends for 2024. Far from being a craft confined to the annals of history, needlepoint has evolved dynamically, showcasing contemporary themes that resonate with today's stitchers.

Here's what Poppy Monk has planned for 2024 to serve today's stitchers...

1. Blue and White Bliss: A Timeless Duo

Blue and White Leaf Vase

2024 will bring more blue and white designs like this Chinoiserie Leaf Vase.

The enduring allure of a blue and white color scheme persists, captivating needlepoint enthusiasts year after year. At Poppy Monk, our collection of blue and white designs has consistently garnered immense popularity, prompting us to extend and diversify this timeless theme in 2024. Expect a fusion of preppy elegance and modern flair as we introduce new styles, providing stitchers with a modern canvas for creative expression.

Staffordshire Dog needlepoint kit in blue and white.

We have recently added two new "blues hues" designs—one is perfect for beginners and both will be enjoyed by stitchers with thousands of stitches to their name.

Kelp Blue and White needlepoint kit

Kelp Blue and White needlepoint kit for beginners and beyond.

Flower Burst needlepoint kit

Flower Burst needlepoint kit in blue and white with fun decorative stitch options.

2. Simplicity Speaks Volumes

Lemon needlepoint kit for beginners.

In the midst of a burgeoning interest from new and younger stitchers, simplicity is emerging as the hallmark of contemporary needlepoint. Our beginner's needlepoint collection has become a sensation, and in 2024, we're set to amplify its offerings. Anticipate designs characterized by vibrant, modern color palettes and uncomplicated yet captivating graphics—perfect for those embarking on their stitching journey. For stitchers who find 18 holes to the inch a challenge, we're introducing larger canvas mesh options, ensuring everyone can partake in the joy of creation.

Stacked Birds needlepoint kit on 14 mesh.

Stacked Birds needlepoint kit on 14 mesh.

This Mod Flowers design (below) is a top seller and although it is on 18 holes to the inch canvas (some people find this harder to see but it is not harder to stitch) it is a small design at 3.5" x 4" and so not a big investment in time or money, but a huge payoff in color and pizazz.

Mod Flowers contemporary needlepoint kit for beginners

3. Humor Woven In: Timeless Laughter

Born To Be Wild funny needlepoint kit

More fun and humorous needlepoint kits are joining Poppy Monk in 2024.

Laughter is timeless, and so are our humorous needlepoint designs at Poppy Monk. Our 'Not Just For Laughs' collection, renowned for its sassy and subversive charm, is undergoing an overhaul and expansion in 2024. Prepare for a fresh infusion of wit and whimsy, making your needle and thread experience not just an artistic endeavor but also a delightful journey into humor.

Patience tested funny needlepoint kit

Patience Tested funny needlepoint kit in pop art style.


In 2024, Poppy Monk is embracing a mantra of vibrancy, simplicity, and fun. Join us on this exciting adventure as we invite you to unwind, relax, and weave the colorful threads of creativity into beautiful, contemporary needlepoint art.

Killing It needlepoint kit

Killing It needlepoint kit


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Trending needlepoint in 2024

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