Spotlight on the Needlepoint Milanese Stitch

This interesting decorative needlepoint stitch is super-versatile and can look completely different depending upon the threads you use. 

Here's a Milanese stitch using a single color (in this case olive-green wool).

And here's a chart for how the stitch is worked...

But, what we really want to tell you is all the reasons why we like this stitch so much, and how you can play around with it...

1. The Milanese Stitch Climbs

Notice the steps that form with this fun needlepoint stitch. This makes it a great choice for hills, mountains, buildings, or features that go up or down.

2. Change Direction

needlepoint Milanese stitch

Notice on this Botanical Leaf needlepoint design we have this stitch going in different directions which can be a really useful stitching tool when you want to mirror an object or show that something has flipped.

3. Repeatable Pattern

We use the Milanese stitch on The Bakery design to create a repeating cobblestone street pattern.

needlepoint milanese stitch


4. Create Instant Texture

This stitch creates its own textured pattern for clothing or fabrics and these can be made to look even more dramatic by...

5. Adding a Second Color.

Notice this stitch is created by forming diagonal rows of alternating triangles. If you make each alternate row a different color it changes the look of this stitch. Instead of seeing climbing steps you see a jacquard pattern of triangles. This can be subtle, with a slight change of color, or dramatic with a contrasting color.

Source: Pinterest

 Enjoy creating fun shapes and patterns with the Milanese stitch.

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