Three Surprising Needlepoint Background Stitches

Are you looking for an unusual needlepoint background stitch? A needlepoint filler stitch that you haven't tried before? Here are three needlepoint background stitches that look great AND are super-fun to stitch.

1. A needlepoint background stitch we have called Lollipops.


open needlepoint background stitch


Why lollipops? Because this needlepoint stitch looks like candy on a stick, and it certainly stitches up sweetly. Once you get the hang of the pattern, it is quick and easy.

Here's how you stitch this unusual needlepoint background stitch...

Lollipops needlepoint background stitch
This open needlepoint background stitch works well in places like walls and fabric. You could even use a thread color that doesn't match the canvas color to add some contrast. See how cute this open needlepoint stitch looks as a background to the Blue and White Staffordshire Dog...
unusual needlepoint background stitch
... and also the Bee Naughty design...
unusual needlepoint background stitch on Bee Naughty needlepoint design

2. Diagonal Scotch and Hesitation Needlepoint Background Stitches

It may sound like a riddle but there's nothing confusing about it. What we have is a fairly common needlepoint background stitch that becomes an uncommon needlepoint background stitch when you add a different thread to one of the stitches. A bit like switching out the belt on a dress!

Let's start with the fairly common Diagonal Scotch stitch...

diagonal scotch needlepoint background stitch

The Diagonal Scotch stitch is a staple needlepoint background stitch and is great for any background—walls, clouds, sky, landscapes. It's also a great stitch for using a variegated thread.

Here's how to stitch the Diagonal Scotch needlepoint background stitch...

Diagonal Scotch needlepoint background stitch

BUT, if you want to spice it up a little, transform the Diagonal Scotch stitch into a Hesitation stitch by changing the thread on the 'over-one' stitch. (BTW, this is a great place to use a metallic thread and add some subtle sparkle to your canvas.)

needlepoint hesitation stitch for backgrounds

NB: Instead of following the numbers like you did for Diagonal Scotch, for Hesitation, stitch all the black stitches and then fill in with the red stitches.

We would not 'hesitate' to use this stitch any time you want a fun stitch. It's a full-coverage patterned needlepoint background stitch that is quick and easy. We love it on this Blue and White Chinoiserie Magnolia Vase...

blue and white Magnolia Vase needlepoint kit with diagonal scotch background stitch

3. Wallpaper Stripes Needlepoint Background Stitch

Needlepoint background stitch called wallpaper stripes

This needlepoint background stitch is so easy and it really does look like wallpaper. 

It stitches up super-fast because it's an open stitch and large areas of the canvas are left unstitched. You can make the stripes narrower or wider depending upon the size of the area you are stitching.

Here's how you stitch the Wallpaper Stripes open needlepoint background stitch...

Wallpaper Stripes needlepoint background stitch

This is the needlepoint background stitch you want to use when you're looking for a fast finish! It might be speedy to stitch, but see how great it looks on this Blue and White Chinoiserie Leaf Vase needlepoint kit...

Blue and White Chinoiserie Leaf Vase needlepoint kit

And, as a twist on this stitch we have also used it on the Cat Toys with the stripes filled in with a Tent stitch (so it's no longer an open stitch)...

Cat Toys needlepoint ornament kit


And again on the Apple and Pear Still Life but this time we added cross stitches between the rows. It just shows how easy it is to adapt stitches to get the look you want.

We have shown you three little-known, and hopefully surprising, needlepoint background stitches to have fun with. These go-anywhere needlepoint filler stitches stitch up fast and are easy to learn, while also being something a little unusual and different. Enjoy!

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