Three Little-Known Needlepoint Stitches For Small Spaces

three little known needlepoint stitches for small spaces blog post


Do you struggle to find decorative needlepoint stitches that show well in small spaces?

Do you need a stitch that is small enough that you can fit more than one pattern repeat in your space, yet distinctive enough that you can see the pattern?

In previous posts we’ve talked about the Upright Cross, Double Brick and Criss-Cross Hungarian - that's the one that makes this heart so cute in this needlepoint kit from Superfine Stitches... 

Love The Wine You're With needlepoint kit with Double Woven stitch

Love The Wine You're With needlepoint kit with silk threads
and a Criss-Cross Hungarian stitch that rocks this small space.


But wait, there's more...

We've chosen three little-known needlepoint stitches that are small in scale, non-directional, and easy to compensate. In other words... ideal for use in small areas!

Needlepoint Stitch For Small Spaces #1 –
Small Leaf Variation Stitch

This cuter-than-cute, tiny stitch produces a lacy look that is non-directional and easy to compensate.  While it can be used anywhere, it is particularly good for foliage and fur.

needlepoint leaf stitch for a small space


The lion's mane on our Sir Lion Heart needlepoint kit would handsomely sport this Leaf Variation stitch.

Sir Lion Heart needlepoint kit with a small space for a Leaf Variation stitch 

Here's how you would work the Leaf Variation stitch into a small space...

needlepoint leaf variation stitch

Needlepoint Stitch For Small Spaces #2 –
Damask Stitch

The Damask stitch is nice and smooth and produces an elegant tone-on-tone effect.  

needlepoint stitches for small spaces damask stitch

It works well anywhere that you want a relatively untextured look - maybe flower petals, windows, water, clouds and small patches of smooth grass. The bottle on this Gin and Bare It needlepoint kit would gleam beautifully in Damask...

Gin and Bare It needlepoint kit with spaces for small stitches

The Damask stitch is easily compensated by shortening the stitch length to fit around other objects. Here's how it is worked...

 needlepoint damask stitch for small spaces

For this diagram we have worked the Damask stitch over two intersections to fit in a small space. It is also a great stitch for backgrounds and larger areas if worked over three intersections. Notice that it does leave some of the canvas showing so be aware of that when choosing your thread thickness (the thinner your thread the more canvas will show), and the area you are placing it over for color matching.

Needlepoint Stitch For Small Spaces #3 –
Oblique Variation Stitch

The Oblique Variation is a little-known stitch to add to your library of handy needlepoint stitches for small areas.   The combination of three smooth diagonal stitches, interrupted with a single opposite diagonal stitch, makes this interesting to stitch and gives a rich texture to a small space.

oblique needlepoint stitch for a small space 

This stitch is a little larger in scale than the Leaf and Damask stitches and should be used in areas where you have room for at least 2 pattern repeats horizontally and vertically.  It is great for rocks, rough ground, fur, or anywhere that you want a more textured look. The flames on this Comin' In Hot needlepoint kit by Superfine Stitches would dance under an Oblique Variation stitch...

Comin In Hot needlepoint kit lifestyle image

It is worked in horizontal rows back and forth, like so...

 needlepoint oblique variation stitch for small spaces

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