Poppy Monk needlepoint kits are in stock on Amazon
Poppy Monk needlepoint kits are in stock on Amazon
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7" needlepoint mini stretcher bars
a needlepoint canvas mounted onto stretcher bars
needlepoint stretcher bars of various sizes.

Needlepoint Mini Stretcher Bars 7 Inch (Set of 2)

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Needlepoint stretcher bars are used to make a frame that you attach your needlepoint canvas to, so that it is held nice and tight while you stitch.

These 7" mini needlepoint stretcher bars are 7" long and 1/2" wide (which makes them mini; regular stretcher bars are wider which makes them heavier and more cumbersome).

Sold as a pair i.e. you will receive two 7" stretcher bars when you order 1 unit. To make a frame you need four stretcher bars or 2 units. For example, if your cut canvas is 8" x 8" you will need four 8" stretcher bars. If your cut canvas is 7" x 9" you will need two 7" and two 9" stretcher bars.

See our Accessories section for thumb tacks which make it easy to attach your canvas to the stretcher bar frame.

Read our blog post about needlepoint stretcher bars and why they are a good idea.

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