Prove Them Wrong Pop Art Needlepoint Kit

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    Ignore the naysayers! It's your lane and you get to use it how you want. 

    • An accurately color-printed 18 mesh mono needlepoint canvas.
    • The design area measures 6" x 4".
    • Pepperpot Silks from Planet Earth. These threads are so smooth and easy to stitch with you're gonna want to bathe yourself in them.
    • A needle, general how-to-needlepoint instructions, a full-color picture of the stitched design, hours of relaxed stitching pleasure, all packaged in a pizza-style box that will give the cat something to play with while you stitch and hum.
    • NB: White frame as shown in the stitched example is not included.

    Skill level: Advanced beginner (Yes. You. Can.) 

    We love this design framed. But, you do you.