Needlepoint Stitch Guide for Acadia National Park

This National Park needlepoint design has a free stitch guide, just in time for summer stitching (or winter cosying up by the fire).


All of the sky stitches came from our blog post; Needlepoint Stitches for Sky: Three Fab Ideas.

Top Band of SkyHorizontal Double Brick Stitch over 4

Darkest Blue CloudWoven Variation. This is a minimally open stitch. We used the darkest blue thread (Pepperpot Silk Harbor) for the vertical stitches and the same color thread that we used for the top band of sky (Pepperport Silk Water) for the horizontal bands. You could use the same color for both horizontal and vertical bands if you prefer.

Palest Blue CloudHorizontal Elongated Cashmere with a 4-stitch repeat.

Small Lowest Cloud—Horizontal Double Brick Stitch over 2.

Sea - Tent stitch with random Cashmere stitches. These random stitches are small waves you place wherever you want. Make them anywhere from 2-5 stitches in length. A Cashmere stitch goes up two and over two. 

Trees—We used free-form Satin stitches for the pine branches. Bringing every stitch into a center line you can adjust the angle and the stitch lengths to create lovely conifer trees. Here's a diagram of what this looks like. Remember, all stitches go to the middle. More than 2 stitches can share a hole if necessary, and you can make them short or long and angle them in any direction as long as they stay relatively parallel to the adjacent stitch.

Lighthouse—We stitched the dark grey in Tent stitch and the white in Satin stitch

The following stitches are available in our Stitch Library.


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