Needlepoint Stitch Guide for Grand Canyon National Park

Stitch the aqua waters of the Colorado River as it winds its way through the dramatic Grand Canyon.


The decorative needlepoint stitches we used on this model are:

Paler Blue Sky—Hungarian (horizontal)

Darker Blue Sky—Encroaching Gobelin horizontal over four

Moon—Skip Tent using Snow thread for a lovely reflective effect.

Dark Brown cliffs—Tent stitch

Warm Brown Cliffs - we stitched the areas beneath the moon's reflection in the warm brown Kreinik metallic thread and the outer cliffs in Pepperpot Silk Gingerbread. You can add more or less of the metallic if you prefer. The cliffs are stitched in Tent stitch.

Gold/Yellow Cliffs—Mosaic

Seams in the Gold/Yellow Cliffs—Wrapped Back stitch

River—the upper levels of the river are Tent stitch. The widest part of the river is Gentle Waters which is an open stitch. Where we joined the upper and lower parts of the river we filled in about 8 lines of Gentle Waters in Tent stitch, which provides a gentle transition and brings the river naturally into the foreground. You can omit this step or fill in more than we have done on the model.