Needlepoint Stitches for Borders

Stitching a needlepoint border using decorative stitches is a great way to add texture and interest. A needlepoint border can frame a feature or some writing, and it's also a fun way to try out new decorative needlepoint stitches.

Here are three great needlepoint stitches for borders...

1. Needlepoint Border Stitch - Upright Cross Stitch

We love this easy needlepoint stitch for a small border, like on this Fancy Bitch needlepoint design, because it looks heavily textured and lustrous but is super-easy to do.

Needlepoint border stitch upright cross stitch.

The cross stitches are lined up close together which is why it looks so luxurious, but it also means the stitches are tight, so you might want to thin your thread if that's an option.

Here's how the Upright Cross stitch is created.

Upright Cross stitch diagram

You could also stitch this in a horizontal, rather than a diagonal line, which is probably easier when creating a straight border.

2. Needlepoint Border Stitch - Double Brick Stitch

Double Brick needlepoint border stitch

This is a good needlepoint border stitch to use on larger borders because of its ease of use and ability to go across, as well as up and down. On this If Not Now design, we have just used it as a top and bottom border, but we could easily have joined these with side borders of Double Brick. 

It can also be laid horizontally if this works better for your design.

double brick stitch laid horizontally for a needlepoint border

3. Needlepoint Border Stitch - Scotch Stitch

This is such a versatile needlepoint border stitch because there are several ways you can work it.

Scotch stitch as a needlepoint border stitch.

On this Twinkle Twinkle design the stitcher has left a gap between each Scotch stitch to either leave open, or fill in with a tent stitch. It looks really pretty.

Needlepoint Scotch stitch diagram

You could also line the Scotch stitches up without a gap, and you could add additional rows of Scotch stitches to make the border thicker. That's what we mean by versatile.

Scotch stitch on a needlepoint border.

We hope you find a spot to decorate your needlepoint canvas using one of these handy needlepoint border stitches.

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Needlepoint border stitch ideas

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