Best Lamps and Lights for Needlepoint and Cross Stitch

great lights or lamps for stitching

What is the perfect needlepoint light? What is the best lamp for cross stitching? How do you get set up so you can see your needlework in any situation - daytime, nighttime, hotel rooms, and when you're on the go?

We recommend that every stitcher who wants to get lit (sorry, couldn't help ourselves) has at least two lights in their stash...

A needlepoint light for home, and a portable stitching light for travel. 

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Portable Needlepoint Stitching Lights

You can't always be home stitching on the sofa. Imagine not being able to stitch on planes, trains, and automobiles, in dentist waiting areas, and poorly-lit hotel rooms, simply because you can't see what you're working on. That's why you need a portable needlepoint stitching light.

We have two to recommend; one for stitchers who use frames and one for needlepoint, cross stitchers and other crafters who work with their projects in-hand.

Needlepoint Clip On Light



We love this clip-on light because of its versatility. It will attach to your needlepoint frame but it will also clip to the back of your chair, airline tray table, work desk, or it can stand up by itself.

It's bendy and has a long or short reach depending upon how you twist the neck. 

This clip-on light has three brightness levels and a long-life battery that can be recharged via a USB port.

Needlepoint Neck Light 

We loved the idea of a neck light but weren't sure about how it would work in practice, so we bought one and tried it out. This portable needlepoint or cross stitch light gets a big thumbs up!

The neck light is light and rests comfortably around your neck - in fact you won't really know it's there. Each lamp has a gooseneck flex and can be angled where you want the light to go. 

needlepoint neck light

There are six brightness settings but you would probably have the right and left lamp set the same, so let's call it three brightness settings. We found these gave plenty of light to stitch by in a room at night when the lights are on.

portable needlepoint neck light

The portable neck light is a good value, lightweight, and versatile needlepoint and cross stitch travel light. It is available on Amazon.

Not-So-Portable Needlepoint Stitching Lights

 Every stitcher needs a home floor lamp. We like this Veriflux model for its reasonable price and features. 

It is a daylight lamp that imitates the noon-day sun, and the large head throws a wide beam so you're not constantly repositioning.

This Veriflux needlepoint floor lamp  on Amazon is modern-looking and lightweight so you can easily move it from place to place. It is a full-spectrum Smartlight and should provide the illumination you need for any time of day or night.

Light + Magnification

If you feel it's time for a needlepoint light with a magnifier then Ottlite is a reliable, well-engineered brand that has been serving crafters well for years. 

This combined floor and table model on Amazon will give you 3x optical grade magnification combined with daylight illumination. Each element can be positioned just where you need it, and when you don't need magnification you can swivel it aside. The height is adjustable so it can sit on a table beside you, or on the floor.

Don't squint over your needlework, or find yourself Stitchless in Seattle (or Sedona) ever again. Get set up with a good portable light and a stay-at-home needlepoint lamp. Then, pour a glass of something you love, and settle into some well-lit stitching therapy.

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