Needlepoint Stitch Guide Pollinator Floral

Enjoy these stitch suggestions for this beautiful floral needlepoint design. 

Follow the numbered key for the stitches we used on this needlepoint design of colorful flowers. All of these stitches can be found in our Needlepoint Stitch Library.

  1. Eggnog—Tent Stitch
  2. Wind—Vertical Brick Stitch
  3. Lilac (paler of the two purples in the bundle)—Byzantine Stitch in two directions to meet in the middle
  4. Bubblegum—Staggered Straight Stitch
  5. Bubblegum—Smyrna Cross
  6. Bubblegum—French Knots
  7. Periwinkle—Upright Cross
  8. Wind—Satin Stitch
  9. Periwinkle and Iris (darker of the two purples in the bundle)—Dotted Lace

All the remaining stitches are Tent stitches.

Enjoy this needlepoint kit and use these or any other stitches you like. If you need to purchase the kit you can do so here.



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