Three Super Useful Needlepoint Hacks: Part One

This is part one in a series of needlepoint tips or hacks that are super-handy for almost any needlepoint project.

Needlepoint Hack #1 - Back Up Your Tent Stitch

Traditionally, a needlepoint tent stitch slopes up and to the right, but there's no law on the books that says it has to be this way!

For example, the line on this Strawberry Thief needlepoint ornament design slopes downward from left to right.

needlepoint hacks using a tent stitch

If we were to use a traditional tent stitch here it would create a jagged line. But, by flipping the tent stitch it creates a nice, smooth and narrow line.

needlepoint hacks with a flipped tent stitch

You barely notice that the stitch is going the other way. This needlepoint hack of a  tent stitch flip is useful on almost any canvas—especially where a line is short and slopes downward from left to right. Like the eyelashes and lip outlines on this Patience Tested design...

needlepoint hacks

Needlepoint Hack #2 - Speed Up Your Stitching

Question: Do you want your needlepoint background or other filler stitch to move along a bit faster?

Answer: Use a longer stitch or an open stitch—either of these will eat up the canvas more quickly.

For example, the Balloon Stitch on the ball of this Busy Being Fabulous design uses long stitches which were super-quick to stitch.

A needlepoint hack showing a long stitch

Darning or Open stitches do the same thing—they stitch up really quickly. Like the background stitch on this Chinoiserie needlepoint design where parts of the canvas are left uncovered. And, it looks so pretty!

 A needlepoint hack using a n open stitch

A Skip Tent stitch is possibly the easiest open stitch to use and it goes almost anywhere. To do this stitch all you do is a regular Basketweave Stitch but you skip every other stitch. See how pretty it looks on the background of this Festival Camel design...

A needlepoint hack to stitch more quickly using an open stitch.

Needlepoint Hack #3 - Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Do you avoid stitching with dark needlepoint threads like black, dark grey, navy and dark brown, because they are hard to see? 

Two useful hacks: Get yourself a good "daylight" lamp (it is well worth the money and there are even models that clip on to your needlepoint frame like this one).

Secondly, if you lay a bright white cloth on your lap and hold your needlepoint over it, the dark colors will be much easier to see.

We hope you find these needlepoint hacks or tips useful. Spread the word by sharing this on your favorite social media channel. Thanks so much.

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