Spotlight on the Needlepoint Balloon Stitch

If you want a decorative needlepoint stitch that looks super-fancy with minimal effort then you need the Balloon Stitch in your life.

Needlepoint Balloon Stitch
The Balloon Stitch on Shakespeare's collar.


This genetic lottery winner is the needlepoint equivalent of movie stardom—smooth hair, dewy complexion, and an inexplicable glow (especially when stitched in silk). The Balloon stitch has accidental glamor because it's quick and effortless to stitch. (See those long straight stitches?)

All you need is a decent amount of runway—this is not a stitch for small spaces.

How To Create The Balloon Stitch

Needlepoint Balloon Stitch chart

The Balloon Stitch is formed in columns. Always send your needle down in an occupied hole and up in a clean hole—that way you'll get the smoothest stitch.

Where to use the Balloon Stitch?

Anywhere you want a repeating pattern. It will make clothing look more luxurious. It makes an interesting background stitch, especially when the object(s) in the foreground are not especially decorative.

Mouse King needlepoint Christmas ornament kit
Mouse King needlepoint ornament with Balloon Stitch background
The Balloon Stitch is also great for filling in round objects as, unlike a Tent stitch, the stitch lengths can be shaped to create a circle.
It's also a good stitch for water e.g. fish tank or lake water.
Have fun with this movie star of decorative needlepoint stitches!

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