Poppy Monk Needlepoint FAQ

Here are the answers to needlepoint questions we are frequently asked at Poppy Monk.

Questions About Poppy Monk Needlepoint:

Do you have a store I can visit?

We do not have a physical storefront. We are online-only.

Are your kits available in stores?

Poppy Monk kits are only available at www.poppymonkneedlepointkits.com.

Shipping and Delivery Questions:

How quickly do you ship?

Our regular shipping days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you order on any of these days before 3:00pm EST there is a good chance your order will ship out the same day. Otherwise it will wait until our next shipping day. If an item you ordered is out of stock this will delay shipping and you will be notified in a timely manner via email.

If I pay for Expedited Shipping does that mean it will ship out the same day?

Not necessarily. See our shipping days (above). However, we are very friendly and accommodating so if you contact us and request a same-day shipping we will do our very best to help you out. Once your order ships, paying for Expedited Shipping will ensure your order zooms to your mailbox more quickly than regular USPS Mail.

How much is shipping?

USPS First Class Mail delivery is free to U.S. addresses for orders $20 and over. For all other options (Expedited Shipping, International, approximate delivery times, etc.) please see our Shipping Policy.

What shipping methods are available?

For complete information please see our Shipping Policy. In general, we offer USPS and UPS options. If you have a specific request for an alternative carrier you can Contact Us.

Can I return an item or items?

We offer free, no-questions-asked returns on needlepoint kits and most accessories within 30 days of purchase. The returned item must be in its original (unstitched) and undamaged condition. If an item is returned and it is not in its original condition we may apply a partial refund, and this will be at our discretion. Please contact us prior to mailing the return if you are unsure of its eligibility.



How do I return an order?

Returns on allowable products are free and no questions asked. To return part or all of an order (exclusions apply; see above) we will email you a shipping label. Please start by emailing us with a request to info@poppymonkneedlepointkits.com. All we need to know is that you wish to start a return. If you want to give us reasons as to why you are returning an item we would welcome that feedback so we can continue our quest to make better needlepoint kits and create happier Poppy Monk Needlepoint customers.

What do I do if I received the wrong item or something in the package is damaged?

We will arrange for a free return and will either replace the damage/defective item, send you the correct item, or issue you a refund. Start by sending us an email to info@poppymonkneedlepointkits.com or giving us a call on (919) 951-5257 (Monday-Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm Eastern).

I received a Delivery notification but I don't have the package.

This happens from time to time and it is almost always, (like 99.9% of the time) because the package has been delivered to a neighbor or brought inside by someone else in the household and placed somewhere not immediately obvious.  Please thoroughly explore these avenues, and double-check that the address you entered at checkout is correct.

If the delivery company has recorded the package "delivered" we cannot claim insurance or mishandling. But, if after a few days you are certain the package cannot be located we will usually work with you to find a solution, so send us an email.

Questions About Poppy Monk Needlepoint Kits:

Where are your kits made?

Poppy Monk needlepoint kits are all made in the U.S. (in North Carolina). We use Zweigart needlepoint canvas (from Germany) and Planet Earth silk and wool threads (from India). Other kit items are sourced from wherever we can find the highest quality products. For example, our Bohin needles (two included in each kit) are from France.

Do your kits come with needles?

Yes, every Poppy Monk needlepoint kit comes with 2 stainless steel Bohin needles.

Do I need to buy stretcher bars?

No, but a lot of people prefer to stitch on a frame. However, it is a personal preference. Read this short blog post to help you decide.

What scissors should I use for needlepoint?

Any sharp, pointy, thread snips. We have some options on our Accessories page, and on most product pages, but any scissors that look like these will work just fine.

How many strands of the thread do I use?

Use the threads as they come. You don't need to split the threads or join them together. We use single-stranded silk and wool threads to make stitching super-easy and to get the smoothest stitches. Some kits contain stranded cotton which is usually used as an accent and the instructions will tell you what we suggest you do with these if stranded cotton is included in your kit.

How do I open the skein of thread?

Some of our kits come with the threads already cut and twisted into a bundle, and some kits will have one or more complete skeins that you will need to cut to the required length (about 16"). To open a skein, remove the label and pull open the two ends of the skein so you can find the two strands that are securing the two ends of the skein. Cut one of these strands so the skein is untied. You will have a circle of thread. Cut the threads through the knot and then cut the threads in half again so you have thread lengths of about 16".

Here is a video on how to open a skein of Pepperpot Silk thread.

Where do I start on my needlepoint canvas?

Honestly? You can start anywhere, but for things to consider when deciding where is the best place to start your needlepoint canvas, read this short blog post.

What do I do if I run out of thread?

This happens. Sometimes we make a mistake when we are kitting, and sometimes you might have to rip out an area, or you use more thread than we estimated. Whatever the reason, we want to ensure you have all the thread you need to finish your project. So, if you need more, just drop us a line and we will send some out.

Are the threads color-fast?

We cannot guarantee that all the thread colors will be color-fast. Red and black are especially prone to "leaking". For this reason we recommend you dry-block your project and that you never wash it. If you do want to get the threads wet for some reason then please test them for color-fastness first by blotting, with a paper towel, some spare thread that you have dampened. If any color comes off onto the paper towel then you will know that the dye may "run" into adjacent colors.

How do I block a needlepoint canvas?

When you have finished stitching your needlepoint canvas it will probably have lost it's square shape and have become a parallelogram. You need to block it back into shape if you want to frame or otherwise finish your project.

NB: The needlepoint threads included in Poppy Monk needlepoint kits are designed to be color-fast but some colors may still run—we're looking at you red and black. So, we recommend dry-blocking all our canvases so the dyes don't run and ruin your stitching. This means eliminate any steps that ask you to dampen the threads and/or the stitched canvas. 

Read this blog post on making or buying a needlepoint blocking board.

Read this article on how to block a needlepoint canvas. You can use a steam iron on the wool or silk setting over a damp cloth, but do not directly dampen the threads using a spray bottle or any immersion in water.

How do I frame my needlepoint once I have stitched it?

If you want to frame your own needlepoint read the instructions here.

If you want to have a professional frame your needlepoint we have reliably enjoyed the services of Framebridge (this is not an endorsement). If you send your needlepoint to Framebridge you will need to block it first (see above).

 When and how often do you release new designs?

There's no set schedule, but we release several new designs a year and usually every couple of months.

We'll send out the first heads-up about the release of a new design to our email newsletter, so sign up at the bottom of the page and get $5 to spend plus a first-look at new releases.

Why is (Poppy Monk) needlepoint so expensive?

Poppy Monk needlepoint kits are carefully constructed of fine quality materials—silk threads, the best cotton canvas, high quality steel needles, instructions, stitch suggestions—in our own North Carolina atelier (a fancy word for a room where we do this stuff). They'd be less expensive if we outsourced the construction overseas, but then we'd lose control over the quality of the finished product and the quality of the jobs we create. We also manufacture in small batches so we can quickly create new designs and discontinue ones our fans tell us they don't love. This high-quality, in-house, small-batch model costs more than a mass-produced product. There are less expensive needlepoint kits on the market and it's up to you, the consumer, to decide if the quality of our products justifies their expense.

Why is Poppy Monk needlepoint so cheap?

So, now that you know what goes into our products, you might wonder why they aren't more expensive. First of all, the designs are printed onto the canvas and not hand-painted (which is why much of the needlepoint sold in the U.S. is so expensive). Secondly, we sell almost exclusively to the end consumer, so there is no wholesale-to-retail markup. You buy directly from the "factory" (although we like to use that fancy word, "atelier" because it makes us sound exotic and cool).

Poppy Monk Needlepoint is a lean little company. There are no VPs, or CEOs, or IPOs, (or even Oreo's, come to think of it). It's very simple: we make needlepoint kits we love and sell them to people whom we hope will also love them. If that  model ever fails we will go out of business, so we keep trying harder and harder to ensure our customers are happy. We hope we're succeeding and we always invite you to tell us, one way or the other.

Do you have a question not covered here? Ask us so we can answer it and maybe add it to this list. Send an email to info@poppymonkneedlepointkits.com.

Happy Stitching!