Needlepoint Stitch Guide for Fall Girl

Cosy up with these autumnal colors and the fun stitches our needlepoint artist selected for this Fall Girl design.

There are several thread colors in this kit so let's start by getting them sorted out. The easiest way to identify them is by the number of strands we have included:


Background  2 skeins Pepperpot Silk Eggnog
Leaves & Socks 1 card Essentials Sweet Potato
Ground (Green) 1 card Essentials Eucalyptus
Primary Coat Green 1 card (or 13 strands) Tendril
Umbrella 26 strands Pepperpot Silk Papaya
Bag handles and Umbrella "Spokes" 6 strands Chestnut
Jeans & Boots 6 strands Indigo (blue)
Bag 4 strands Hazelnut (gold)
Dark Green Coat Trim 2 strands Basil
Hand & Bag Hardware 2 strands Pecan


Fall Girl Decorative Needlepoint Stitch Suggestions:

 All of these stitches are in our Stitch Library.

Tent stitch was used where there is no other label. The stems of the leaves and the umbrella spokes were stitched in Straight stitch.

The stitcher made a few changes from what is printed on the canvas:

  • The hand was given a glove and stitched in blue to make it more visible.
  • The socks were stitched in Chestnut instead of Sweet Potato.
  • Pecan was used for the filler cross stitches on the bag.
  • She did not stitch the green lines on the coat that define the sleeves.

You can, of course, copy these changes or stitch it any way you like. Have fun and send us a pic of the results!

You can find this sweet Fall Girl needlepoint kit here.