Poppy Monk needlepoint kits are in stock on Amazon
Poppy Monk needlepoint kits are in stock on Amazon
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baby sleeping needlepoint canvas and threads handpainted
Baby Sleeping needlepoint dinosaur canvas with threads
Baby Sleeping Needlepoint Dinosaur

Baby Sleeping Needlepoint Dinosaur

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Murphy's Law: The doorbell will ring the moment you have finally gotten the baby to sleep. Beat Murphy's Law with a friendly sign to keep the noise down.

Skill Level: Beginner—Advanced Beginner
Stitching Time - Around 8 hours, while baby naps.


  • An 18 mesh mono canvas with the 5" x 5" design color-printed (included in both canvas-only and kit options).
  • Gorgeous Pepperpot silk threads that are used single ply, just as they come, so as well as being glossy and lustrous they're great for novice stitchers (included only when you select the kit option. Full skeins only included where needed).
  • A needle fit for stitching this needlepoint design for a baby's room  (included in both canvas-only and kit options).
  • Instructions for needlepoint beginners (included in both canvas-only and kit options). This canvas can be stitched by a beginner.
  • Many hours of fun and relaxing stitching. Needlepoint is so easy to learn and once you have stitched this dinosaur needlepoint design for a special baby or child you can frame it or turn it into a door hanger.

Do you have everything you need? Click here to add stretcher bars or scissors to your order.


Do you need to use stretcher bars to stitch this needlepoint design? We give you the pros and cons right here...

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